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We believe in the power of human connection. From the classroom to the board room, and professional spaces in between, we work with each other and our customers to achieve that goal.

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Yotech Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

Established with a vision to empower businesses and educational institutions, Yotech Infocom Pvt. Ltd. stands at the forefront of innovation in the wireless presentation domain. Established in 2021 by visionary entrepreneur Manish Mansharamani, we stand at the forefront of innovation as leading Wireless Presentation Systems Manufacturers in Delhi, India. With a commitment to transforming the way businesses and educators communicate, Evota has quickly emerged as a reliable and cutting-edge solution provider in the audio-visual technology landscape. Our flagship products seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, offering an unparalleled experience in sharing and presenting content wirelessly. Our wireless presentation systems are designed to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and simplify communication in boardrooms, classrooms, and conference halls. We pride ourselves on delivering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to the evolving needs of modern enterprises.

Driven by a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Yotech Infocom Pvt. Ltd. combines expertise with a customer-centric approach. Our team of skilled professionals strives to create solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, we ensure that our products stay ahead of the curve, providing users with a seamless and efficient presentation experience. We believe in the transformative power of technology to elevate business and educational interactions. As a leading Wireless Presentation Systems manufacturer, we continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries of what's possible to enable organizations to thrive in the digital era. Choose Yotech Infocom Pvt. Ltd. for unparalleled wireless presentation solutions that inspire connectivity and collaboration.

Our Mission

To become socially responsible by providing Top Quality products & services at minimum costs.

Innovation is Our Mission

Innovation is Our Mission

We design interactive technology that helps overcome challenges in education and business around the globe.

  • To raise the level of service by continuous planning.
  • To be ingenious constantly. 
  • To deliver premium quality products at affordable levels for the end-users.
  • To build a long-lasting relationship with the clients based on a sense of trust and higher business ethics.

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Connecting with our customers or caring for our community, we are never content to sit on the sidelines.

We love connecting with our clients, both in-person and online. We’re also committed to improving the communities where we live, which is why we host annual volunteer events and give our employees time off to participate in community service projects of their own.

Considering Quality as our top-most priority, we believe in delivering the best quality products to the clients. For this, we start using premium grade raw materials and sophisticated technology under the expertise of our skilled professionals. The products here are tailored with quality care in order to meet international norms and standards. We have a dedicated team of professionals with in-depth knowledge about the techniques involved in the production of the health care products.

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How can Digital Signages benefit my business?

Digital signages enhance communication, engage customers, and provide dynamic content delivery, promoting brand visibility and information dissemination in a visually appealing manner.

What advantages does an Interactive Flat Panel offer in educational settings?

Interactive Flat Panels facilitate collaborative learning, interactive lessons, and dynamic presentations. With touch capabilities and multimedia support, they enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

How does an LED Video Wall stand out for large-scale displays?

LED Video Walls deliver vibrant, seamless visuals for impactful presentations, events, and advertising. With high brightness and resolution, they ensure eye-catching displays in diverse environments.

What makes a Wireless Presentation System essential for modern workplaces?

Wireless Presentation Systems enable seamless content sharing, fostering collaboration in meetings. Users can wirelessly connect devices, share content, and enhance productivity with efficient, cable-free presentations.

How can an Audio Video Conferencing System enhance communication for remote teams?

Audio video Conferencing Systems offer high-quality communication, ensuring clear audio and video for virtual meetings. They foster collaboration, connecting remote teams and facilitating effective communication.

What role does a Digital Podium play in presentations and lectures?

Digital Podiums provide a technologically advanced platform for speakers. With integrated audio-visual features, touch controls, and connectivity options, they enhance presentations, lectures, and public speaking engagements.


Our products and software solutions are designed to enhance your ability to engage a variety of learning styles.

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Our interactive panels were developed to meet the educational needs, of teachers and administrators around the world.

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